1. 1. 61% of Indian school going children are growing up without the right fundamental skills needed to engage in sports
  2. 2. 43% school going children in India have unhealthy BMI and less than adequate levels of physical fitness
  3. 3. 1 out of 4 school students in the country are obese
  4. 4. 59% of Indian school kids display low levels in basic fitness metrics like flexibility, strength, speed etc.

Our Solutions

  • Make sport fun and exciting in schools
  • Work on long term physical & mental wellness
  • Groom coaches and train PE teachers using world class techniques

How it works?

  • 1.Make PE exciting, informative and fun
  • 2.Address physical and mental focus areas
  • 3.Provide customized programs to cater to the needs of each group
  • 4.Use Unique multi station approach
  • 5.Integrate GETFIT with School curriculum
  • 6.Hire, Train and mobilize expert PE coaches.
  • 7.Introduce school children to organized sport
  • 8.Teach key values through sport
  • 9.Contribute to holistic development

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